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Homicide/ Overlooked Evidence

As the defense investigator for a murder case, I discovered blood and fingerprints at the scene that had been overlooked.  I then documented that evidence with appropriate photographs and measurements and testified to it during trial.  

Based on my experience as a homicide detective, I was able to determine with the defense attorneys that a complete examination of the evidence and circumstances supported a self-defense claim. My familiarity with death investigations and autopsies also led to the inclusion of the angle of the bullet wound as a key part of the defense case.  

The defendant was found not guilty of all charges.
Rape-Abduction-Sexual Assault/ Disregarded Witness

As the defense investigator for a rape/abduction case, I located and interviewed a key witness.  After reviewing the case with the witness, it was apparent that the witness's testimony did not corroborate the victim's story, nor support the multiple felony charges placed against the defendant.  In fact, the witness's testimony was beneficial to the defense.

I also assisted, based on my contacts and law enforcement experience investigating sexual assault cases, with reaching out to experts, one of whom testified at trial. 

The witness and expert were instrumental in the successful defense of the most serious felony charges, including not guilty verdicts for the rape and abduction charges.
Pedestrian Crash 

As the investigator for a very serious vehicle crash involving a pedestrian in a work zone, I tracked down and interviewed several witnesses.  I reviewed contract documents related to the work zone produced in discovery, as well as crash investigation documents obtained through FOIA.  I met witnesses, attorneys, the crash investigator and photographers at the scene, and documented the area as necessary.  Ultimately, I suggested two of my client plaintiff law firms work together on the case, which eventually resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement for the permanently injured pedestrian. 

Other types of cases investigated:
- Murders (incl. alleged child abuse)
- Suicide
- Motor vehicle crashes (incl. fatalities/ pedestrian struck/ hit and run)
- Personal injury
- Malicious wounding
Broadside has investigated and assisted with numerous criminal defense, personal injury and vehicle crash investigations.  Several of the civil cases have resulted in million dollar-plus settlements.  Representative cases are described below:
"Your assistance to us in this case was invaluable. Once again, your insight and attentiveness are 'beyond the call of duty'." - Attorney client after rape charges were dropped when prosecution was presented with the results of the defense investigation
"I don't have the words to thank you for all you did. I will say that from moment you stepped in, we felt assured you would work hard and really cared about tracking Xxxx down. Xxxx was so impressed with your professional conduct. You have friends for life." - Parent of missing adult
"You did a great job finding the smoking gun!" - Attorney client in personal injury automobile crash case