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Criminal Defense 

Whether it's a common DUI, a property crime, or a crime against a person, an accused person needs to be able to offer the best defense possible.  A successful outcome in court may be based on witnesses, evidence, or circumstances that had been overlooked or disregarded.  A proactive defense team seeks out this information.
Cold Cases/ Case Review

Wrongful convictions do happen and unfortunately may result in many years of incarceration.  Successful appeals may be based not only on procedural errors, but on new evidence, such as new witnesses, or witnesses who retract their previous statements.  A second, fresh look at a case that has already been adjudicated may support a successful appeal.
Civil Litigation

Case preparation is a key part of any lawsuit, whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant.  It can be as simple as documenting a scene with photographs and measurements, or as involved as tracking down and interviewing multiple witnesses, some of whom might be reluctant to cooperate.  Someone who understands what information must be obtained is an important part of the team.
Death Case Review

Unexpected and suspicious deaths, homicides and suicides are investigated by local law enforcement and the Medical Examiner's office.  Families may not be satisfied with the investigations or the determinations of the cause and manner of death.  An experienced consultant can look into unanswered questions and attempt to make certain every aspect of the case has been resolved to a family's satisfaction.